I want to share with you my experience of meeting once in the mountains of Nepal – Joity Rana.

At that moment she was 22, I was 23. I was hypnosed by her eyes. I have tried to talk with her using hands and simple words in English. And it was enouth to understand each other.

We had a week together, week of walking, talking, eating together, I was a guest at her home for several times. So, she told me her story. Maybe very normal story for lot of humans on this earth. She had more than 10 sisters and brothers and they lived in a very small apartment, so that there was not enough place to sleep, that’s why she was married being about 14 and with 15 she was already pregnant. She has only one child, cause she was badly beaten from her husband. He has problems with alcohol and in a state of being drunked he required to give birth to a son.

But my message is not about suffering. About her magic laugh, her way of dancing in the fields, her opportunity to play with flowers like a child. I was deeply happy being with her all the time, that was pure light and love. Can’t forget… the laugh that sounds like a music, like a sound of life.